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St. Patrick's Day for Preschool & Kindergarten

Come celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with us! Here are FOUR FUN activities to get your preschoolers and kindergarteners involved in Saint Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick's Day Keepsake Gift

We started with the template called, “I am so lucky to be loved by you” Saint Patrick’s Day Keepsake. It is a simple set up which made this keepsake even better! I put green paint on a paper plate. Then, I painted my preschooler’s hand with the green paint. Get ready for the little smiles! After that, I stamped my preschooler’s hand on the shamrock’s template. I repeated this three times, so the hands formed a shamrock! Find this product on our website or TPT Store.

St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Activity

Be sure to pick up some gold coins for this activity! The manipulative truly takes this activity to the next level of fun! I printed the ABC Clover Flashcards and cut all 26 of them out. Then, I laminated them, so my preschooler and kindergartener could use over and over again. I put gold coins that I found at the Dollar store into a container. Easy! Saint Patrick’s Day center is set up with only a couple of materials. Your students will love it! Find this product on our website or TPT Store.

St. Patrick's Day Letter Activity

We just love using manipulatives because we find preschoolers get super excited using them! For this activity, you need the clover letter mat, cards, and Lucky Charm cereal. The lucky Charm cereal is optional. You can always substitute with green pom poms or even play dough. Find this product on our website or TPT Store.

How to play:

-Pick an uppercase letter card

-Find the matching lowercase letter

-Cover with a piece of Lucky Charms cereal

St. Patrick's Day FREEBIES

Have fun with TWO FREEBIES for St. Patrick's Day! The 2 activities are:

1. Roll & Color: The first activity is a great way to incorporate math, colors, and following directions all in one fun activity! Simply print the attachment, take out crayons and a die, and get started!

2. Rainbow Colors: The second activity strengthens fine-motor skills by using construction paper to make a beautiful rainbow! You could also finger paint the rainbow colors!

*TIP for construction paper: Please make sure you rip the construction paper into tiny pieces to fit in the arches of the rainbow! Also, put the glue on the paper when creating!

Find these freebies on our website or TPT Store.

All activities can be found on our website or on TPT. There are additional Saint Patrick’s Day activities too! Be sure to check out our color and math activities to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day! Have fun celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with these simple, yet engaging activities!

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