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Our Favorite PreK & Kindergarten Valentine's Day Activities

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

We enjoy creating Valentine gifts with our preschoolers at home and in the classroom. We love laminating the keepsake, so parents will have this handprint keepsake for years to come! These Valentine’s Day Keepsakes are absolutely adorable and simple to complete with any preschooler! Link here for keepsakes on our website or here for Teachers Pay Teachers.

  1. Print template

  2. Paint child’s hand with a paint brush

  3. Stamp on the keepsake

Preschool & Kindergarten Alphabet Activity

This is a Valentine’s Day themed activity to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters. It works great in a small group of preschoolers or even with kindergarten aged learners. It also can be used as an independent activity in centers or at home! Tip: We like to put our templates in dry erase pockets, so we can reuse them over and over again with our preschoolers!

Set up:

  1. Cut uppercase ABC cards & put cards in box on printable

  2. Pick a card. Use a manipulative, such as conversation hearts, pom poms, or even red play dough! Then, cover the lowercase letters to match the uppercase letters. Link here to view on our website and here for Teachers Pay Teachers.

Preschool & Kindergarten Alphabet Flashcards

These adorable letter flashcards are sure to engage any learner while reviewing letters. You can use any manipulative to cover the letters, however, we found conversation hearts to be a huge hit! Such a perfect activity for a preschooler or a kindergartner who needs review. Link here to view on our website and here for Teachers Pay Teachers.

Preschool & Kindergarten Valentine's Day Freebies

This FREE Valentine’s Day Bundle includes a number mat activity, a roll and cover activity, and a dot marker activity! You get three free items for your preschool or kindergarten aged learners! Download this Valentine's Day Freebie on our website or Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Preschool & Kindergarten Valentine's Day Center: Pizza-Themed

This bundle is pizza-themed and perfect for preschool and kindergarten children. Who doesn’t love pizza especially when it is shaped in a heart?!?!?

We provide heart pepperoni pieces to complete the Valentine’s Day craft. However, my absolute favorite way to use this pizza template is to create fingerprint pepperoni! Preschoolers love anything sensory, so this is sure to be a hit!

Pizza Counting:

The next activity is a way to practice numbers and counting in a fun way! Cut number cards and put on pizza template. Pick a card. Then, the child counts hearts or any other manipulative to match the number card. Preschoolers get a kick out of the pepperoni being shaped like a heart!

This is a great way to practice counting during the month of February! Preschoolers or even kindergarten-aged learners pick a Roll a Pizza strip. Then, they count manipulatives and create a heart pizza. This is such a fun Valentine’s Day activity to engage learners in math! Click here to view on our website or here for Teachers Pay Teachers.

We aim to keep our activities simple, hands-on, and engaging for all learners! Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day! Join us in our 2 Motivated Moms’ VIP group to see all of our preschool and kindergarten resources in action and chat with others on the same journey!

Love Your 2 Motivated Moms,

Ashley & Laura

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