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Dental Health Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten

Tooth Letter Find

This tooth letter find is sure to keep preschoolers and kindergarteners engaged while reviewing uppercase and lowercase letters. It is a simple setup! It can be played independently, in a small group, or even in centers. The possibilities are endless! The learner picks up an uppercase tooth card and finds the lowercase letter on the tooth template. After that, the learner will cover the lowercase letter with a manipulative. Some ideas are: white linking cubes, cotton balls, white pom poms, or even marshmallows. Have fun with the choice of a manipulatives. See this product on our website or TPT Store.

Teeth Counting

This dental-themed, math activity is definitely engaging and fun! I find that preschoolers just love using different manipulatives! We decided to use marshmallows for this activity to represent teeth! Maybe not the best choice for dental hygiene month BUT it was FUN! It’s a good reminder to them to always BRUSH after eating.

Simple set up:

  1. Print mouth template

  2. Laminate or put in a page protector

  3. Add teeth to the mouth to match the number card

This simple activity really keeps preschool and kindergarten-aged children engaged and wanting to count. We can’t wait for you to hear all the giggles as they are counting teeth! See this product on our website or TPT Store.

Wipe Away Germs

Make sure to grab some toothbrushes for this activity! It just makes it that much more fun!

Print the tooth template that is provided and put in a dry erase pocket or laminate. Use a dry erase marker and write lowercase letters all over it! Stack the ABC cards on the template and pick a card. Your preschool or kindergarten-aged learner will locate the matching lowercase letter and erase with a toothbrush. The simple act of using a toothbrush takes this activity to a whole different level. Here's a tip from us: use a kid's toothbrush because the bristles are smaller. Happy brushing!

Want even more dental health activities? Then, be sure to click the link below to the Dental Health bundle! See this Dental Health Bundle on our website or TPT Store.

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