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A Look into our Black History Month Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten

Celebrate Garrett Morgan

A lesson plan within our Black History Month Bundle celebrates the inventor, Garrett Morgan. Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light! A great way to introduce Garrett Morgan is to read a text about this famous inventor. We found the perfect text filled with rhyming words!

Let's make a traffic light to honor Black History Month!

Supplies needed:

-Traffic light template

-Red, green, & yellow construction paper

-Optional: paint (red, green, & yellow)


First, color the traffic light with a crayon or colored pencil. Then, preschoolers will rip red, yellow, and green construction paper. Ripping paper is a great fine motor skill, and it will help build their muscles in their little fingers! Once your preschoolers have three piles of red, green, and yellow paper, then it is time to glue! Be sure to display a picture of a traffic light, so preschoolers know the order of the colors. Red… Yellow… Green… Preschoolers can glue the ripped construction paper on the template. There you go! A traffic light!

If your preschoolers do not want to rip paper, they are welcome to paint the traffic light. Painting is always fun too! Check out this bundle on our website or Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

If you want more activities to celebrate and teach your preschoolers about Black History Month, check out this Black History Month Bundle. It includes 7 detailed lesson plans and activities to expose preschoolers and kindergartners to Black History. The lesson plans include suggested texts to use to introduce famous African American figures. Some of our favorite texts are:

Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

Dream Big Little One by Vashti Harrison

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